There are a variety of solutions and manufacturers on the market. At MOORnetworks, we have chosen pfSense CE - a software based on the pf packet filter. pfSense CE is based on the FreeBSD operating system (unix-like operating system) which is considered to be very secure and stable and thus also offers increased protection against security vulnerabilities.

Easy installation, performance, flexibility and high data throughput are further of the many advantages. And since it is open-source software, there are no licensing costs. In our view, pfSense CE can cope with most of the tasks of a company and thus meets technical as well as ideological security requirements - and at a fraction of the price of commercial firewalls.

Open source code

You have to have absolute trust in a firewall. This is only possible if you can trust the software code, read it or know someone who can read it. For us, an open code base is a prerequisite for secure protection. Too often, commercial products have had surprisingly open service ports and strange software bugs and backdoors. MOORnetworks has years of experience with certified security experts and guarantees its customers a proper provision of their firewall services by means of a service level agreement.

Robust hardware platform with replacement guarantee

Security is also a question of trust in the hardware manufacturer. MOORnetworks assembles the firewalls itself, the development and manufacture is carried out by a Swiss ETH engineer with whom we have long-standing relationships. In the event of a device defect, we replace the hardware free of charge.

Functional diversity with maximum flexibility

The number of functions is abundant and we would like to mention just a few examples below. The "Captive Portal", for example, is an interesting feature that can be used to implement access restrictions for public or WLAN networks. By means of so-called vouchers, guests can be granted Internet access for a period of X minutes. After the voucher expires, the connection is terminated. Fixed accesses with user name and password can also be created. The firewall offers much more: support for OpenVPN and L2TP, S.M.A.R.T monitoring tools, modular controls, etc. Just see for yourself.

To view the full feature list, please visit the pfSense website.