Cloud Access* from MOORnetworks is a next-generation service that connects the Managed Firewall to your domain name. The firewall updates the public IP address of your internet connection with the worldwide Domain Name System (DNS) of MOORnetworks and thus ensures that your infrastructures always remain accessible under the same domain name - even if the current IP address of your internet provider is unknown or changes every few hours.

This option enables permanent access to your networks/servers from outside, e.g. via remote desktop or secure VPN dial-in. Moreover, your own domain name as a reference point is easy for everyone to remember and strengthens your own corporate image. Since most Internet providers charge between CHF 10-20 per month for one (1) fixed IP address, you achieve additional savings with Cloud Access.

* Cloud Access is an option to the Managed Firewall Service and requires that the domain name desired for linking is administered at MOORnetworks. The upstream router/modem must be operated in Bridge or PPPoE Pass Through mode and be connected to the public Internet. The service works with IPv4/IPv6 addresses and independent of the selected internet connection or provider.

Why not simply install a DynDNS client on the computer?

Dynamic DNS is not a fully-fledged replacement. Open network connections get stuck when disconnecting from the Internet or changing the IP address and collapse after a timeout. Within the time-to-live of the DDNS entry, the old IP address may be cached so that no new connection can be established. If a computer is also shut down or disconnected from the network, its IP address remains assigned to the domain name. If the IP address is offline, connection attempts will only lead to a timeout error after several seconds delay. If the IP address has been assigned to another ISP customer in the meantime, this customer could also try to misuse the identity of the previous DDNS user.

At MOORnetworks, we use the interaction of our own platforms, which synchronise changes in a fraction of a second. The proactive monitoring of the heartbeats (monitoring) detects as soon as a firewall is offline and automatically removes the domain reference. In contrast to the well-known DynDNS providers, MOORnetworks does not require regular logins to keep the service active, nor does it require domains administered by third parties that are often on block lists. By using your own domain name, you also benefit from correct sender IDs, especially if you want to operate your own mail or communication servers behind the firewall.