A growing company can hardly afford to limit itself to just one location. Branch offices, subsidiaries or employees who work on the road or at home want to be securely connected to the head office. In times of Voice-over-IP and other critical services, the connection should be prioritisable, fail-safe and affordable.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and based on the managed firewall from MOORnetworks, different networks or locations can be connected securely and easily. The data is secured with encryption techniques. Employees can access their own company network via VPN or connect to the central infrastructures in the MOORnetworks data centre. In short: VPN enables the secure and simple use of network connections remotely.

VPN for beginners: how it works

With a VPN, the data stream is transmitted in encrypted form. In addition, the remote stations must authorise each other before the connection is established, so that unauthorised persons cannot simply connect to a company network. The encrypted connection "tunnels" the packets, i.e. the private network of the remote side can be accessed directly, as if one were part of the network. There are various ways to set up a VPN. MOORnetworks uses the widely used IPSec standard, which has established itself across manufacturers. In addition to maximum security, it also offers interoperability with VPN solutions from other manufacturers.