Yes, you can manage your domains and zones easily and in real time yourself via the MOORnetworks Customer Centre. It is also possible to redirect individual domains or subdomains to HTTP, HTTPS or frame destinations i.e. fixed URLs.

For HTTP redirects, a "301 Moved Permanently" is set up. Search engines follow this link and update the page in their databases. In this way, the ranking in the search results is maintained. With frame forwarding, on the other hand, only a "302 Moved Temporarily" is set up. In this case, the link is not followed up by search engines. Therefore, always use the search engine-friendly HTTP forwarding.

E-mail forwarding

With optional forwarding, you can also easily forward e-mail addresses to existing or external e-mail addresses without having to set up a hosting or mail server for the domain. Individual e-mail addresses or the entire e-mail traffic of a domain can be routed to separate target addresses.