Anyone who registers a domain via MOORnetworks will receive an automatic e-mail from the sender address Domain Robot with the subject "Whois Data Reminder - yourdomain". You will receive this e-mail after a domain registration and once a year thereafter.

Customers regularly ask us about the meaning of these e-mails and about the need for action or report suspected spam. In this article, we confirm that these e-mails are genuine and are indeed created and sent automatically on our behalf.

Why am I receiving this email?

According to an ICANN policy (Whois Data Reminder Policy), MOORnetworks is contractually obliged to remind customers once a year to check their contact data in the Whois directory and to update it if necessary. If the data is incorrect, your domain may be deleted.

In the e-mail, the domain and the name of the contact person are clearly mentioned, further down follows a list of all data known to the registry (address, telephone number etc.).

Relevant are the details of the registrant (owner) and AdminC (administrative contact).

Please take a moment to check the data. If the data is correct, you do not need to do anything. If, for example, you have moved or the contact person in the company has changed, the data may be out of date and you should adjust it.