As the domain holder, you are obliged to keep your domain data up to date at all times. Incorrect information can lead to the termination of the domain registration contract. In your own interest, you should inform us of any necessary changes or correct them.

View Whois data

In order to view your domain data (Whois), we recommend that you visit the respective registry website to view your Whois data directly. 

Update 05.2018: As part of the stricter data protection regulations (GDPR), Whois queries have been removed from most providers.

Request changes

Is your domain data incorrect? Log in to the MOORnetworks Customer Centre to adjust the domain in question yourself. You can also contact our customer service. When changing the holder of a domain (e.g. new person or change of name), we require an informal order to change the holder data, which must be signed by the old and the new holder.