The Authcode - also called AuthInfo, authorisation code or EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) - is an alphanumeric security code that exists for most toplevel domains. The code is only known to the domain holder or their administrative contact and must be given when changing providers. This ensures that a domain transfer can only be carried out by authorised persons.

Incoming domain transfer

If you wish to transfer your existing domain to MOORnetworks, you will be asked for the authcode during the ordering process. You will receive the code from your current registrar or provider. The concrete procedure depends on the respective provider. Often there is the possibility to have the code displayed in the service area. You may also have to request the code or you will receive it automatically by e-mail after you have cancelled your domain with your registrar or provider or announced a change of provider.

Outgoing domain transfer

If you would like to move your domain away from MOORnetworks, you can query and read out the Authcode in the MOORnetworks Customer Centre for each domain. The Auth procedure runs fully automatically. Please note in this context:

  • To protect the domain, an authcode is only valid for a limited time; it expires after 30 days. After that, a new authcode must be generated, i.e. queried, for the provider change of this domain.
  • If invoices are still open for the queried domain, an outgoing transfer is not possible. The same applies to a transfer request within 30 days before automatic renewal (outside the cancellation period).