Microsoft is taking a step to simplify licensing by introducing the purchase of perpetual software licences through its new commerce experience, Cloud Marketplace.

Until 31 December 2021, you can continue to renew and repurchase software licences, software assurance and online services through the Open License programme. Beginning January 1, 2022, commercial customers will not be able to purchase new or renewal software licenses or online services through the Microsoft Open License programme. New licence-only purchases will be made through Us as a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider programme. 

Your options for existing and new purchases after 1 January 2022 are as follows: 

  • If you wish to purchase perpetual software licences only (without Software Assurance): 
    • You can buy perpetual software licences from us as a qualified partner. We can also advise you when you are evaluating online services and looking for value-added solutions, and provide the flexibility to meet your hybrid needs with both software licences and cloud offerings.
  • If you have Software Assurance under the Open License programme:
    • Your Software Assurance term, including benefits, will continue until expiry, even if the expiry is after 31 December 2021.
    • The Microsoft Open Value programme is recommended for future purchases that include Software Assurance.
    • The Microsoft Open Value subscription programme does not offer perpetual software licences, but is a subscription that gives you rights to use the software during the contract period and also includes Software Assurance.
  • If you have online services through the Open License programme:
    • All unused online services tokens can still be allocated and used after 31 December 2021, provided this is done within the five-year term of the token purchase.
    • If you wish to purchase additional online service subscriptions, you can do so from us.

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