In order to offer you an intuitive exchange with our customer service, you can also send us your concerns as a short message via SMS, MMS or WhatsApp and/or reply via this. This is recommended, for example, to quickly and easily submit a photo of a problem or an error message.

For new requests, send a short message with a meaningful text and your name/company affiliation in the signature. This will allow us to assign your mobile number on a one-time basis.


You can write to us around the clock and receive a reply. Status updates are confirmed in parallel by e-mail.


We use a WhatsApp business account that is not tied to a single person, i.e. you can write to all our departments and employees during business hours via this number. In a chat, our profile is also visible to you at all times - even if you have not added us to your address book. Please also note that only messages can be sent - calls are not possible.

IT security is part of our DNA, we act according to European data protection and compliance guidelines. All remote connections are encrypted end-to-end so that no one can view their content, not even WhatsApp.


Important: WhatsApp/Facebook Guidelines

For this reason, we cannot have an ongoing conversation with you and can only reply during 24 hours after you have messaged us. So preferably do not send us messages on Saturday night, otherwise we will not be able to reply to you the next working day (as of 12.05.2021).

When you block us, we cannot send you messages or reply to them. If you have accidentally locked us out, please see the following links for instructions on how to unblock a WhatsApp business account:

WhatsApp Web

Our web portal offers you a quick and convenient way to compose your WhatsApp messages via your computer keyboard or to send local photos, screenshots, clipboards etc. without any workarounds.